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About Dip Into Pretty

Founder Kat de Haen has always loved pedicures—and now she’s made them even better. Frustrated by the restrictive nature of traditional toe separators, Kat’s “aha” moment came when she realized that she could cut the traditionally linked separators into individual ones. These individual separators were not only comfortable, but they allowed Kat the mobility she needed to get on with her day without ruining her pedicure.

Inspiration struck once again when Kat came across her daughter’s art supplies and had the idea to use gems to decorate the separators on her newly freed toes. Her professional background in product development for the beauty market helped Kat recognize that this was an idea with real potential.

Further encouraged by her daughter’s—and soon her own friends’—enthusiasm for this practical and playful way to enjoy their pedicures, Dip into Pretty®—the new, glamorous toe separator—was born.

Kat took Dip into Pretty® to salon brand Blu Sand Beauty, a company where she had spent many years working with salons and major retailers across the country. Together they developed a new division dedicated to Dip into Pretty’s® innovative and fun nail products.

Dip into Pretty® creates cushioned and comfortable silicone, patent-pending, individual toe separators with a variety of unique designs to fit your mood and personality. With Dip into Pretty®, you can make your toes even more beautiful, and there’s no more need to wait around for your pedicure to dry. You’ll be up and about right away, enjoying the view of your newly dazzling fabulous feet.

Whether you’re throwing a pedicure party at home or fitting one in between meetings, Dip into Pretty® adds comfort, mobility and a touch of fun and glamour to your pedicure.